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The meaning of a NSS (Non Standard Salon)




A NSS - Non-Standard Salon is just that, a salon that does not follow standard policies and procedures. 

Professional Manicurist or Unprofessional Hack, Who is Manicuring Your Nails?

How do you know if your manicurist is a professional manicurist who is providing safe, professional nail services or someone who just have license and never had any formal training?

Just because a salon is very busy does not mean that the manicurists working there are licensed nail professionals and Just licensed nail professionals does not mean they had formal training and have enough skill and knowledge. Just because the salon is in a ritzy neighborhood and they charge premium prices does not mean that they employ the best trained manicurists.

Some states do not require a professional license to do nails.

Some states do not require continuing education.

So how is the consumer supposed to know which salons employ knowledgeable, ethical and dedicated nail professionals? If price doesn’t tell you and a license hanging on the wall isn’t proof, how do you know what the manicurist knows?

A true Nail Professional will have her/his state manicuring license displayed.


A true professional will provide a client consultation and answer all your questions and provide a detailed explanation of products and services and be able to explain all industry terminology. (without lies. This part is most important part and this is why I put these page on my website "You should know it!". It is actually difficult to figure out their lies some part as my experience of working at a someone owes the nail salon. Customers should know it. I will continue to add more artycles. ) 


A true professional will practice proper sanitation and disinfection of all tools, implements, table and work space in accordance with the laws of their State Board of Cosmetology.


A true professional will use professional products and a professional electric file with safe techniques.


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